About the Program

The Graduate Program in Soil Science of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) was created in July 1975 as a Masters degree, accredited in December 1983 and re-accredited in March 1990 by the Federal Council of Education. The doctoral level was created by Resolution 189/2002 of the University Council of UFRPE and recommended by CAPES (The agency sponsoring and regulating Graduate Programs in Brzil) in 2003. Up to the present, some 326 master's dissertations and 106 doctoral theses have been defended and approved.

CAPES Level and Scholarships

The program currently posseses a Level 5 from Capes and stands out as one of the main Soil Science Programs in the country. Students scholarships are provided by national and state’s science agencies such as CAPES, CNPq and FACEPE; foreign students can receive scholarships from their countries of origin, from international bodies and from Brazilian agencies.

Objectives of the Program

The Program has the objectives of training and qualification of personnel to carry out teaching and research activities in the field of Soil Science as well as the preparation of technical personnel to work in public and private companies in order to meet the regional and national demand of professionals qualified staff. The activities developed in the masters and doctoral courses aim at the training of scientific reasoning and familiarization with techniques, equipment and methodology of scientific work. The Program's guidelines and research lines are integrated with state, regional and national development policies. We are geared towards increasing agricultural productivity through sustainable land use and management, with a focus on understanding the role of soil in solving or mitigating environmental problems.

Program Heads (1977-2018)


José Pereira Leite (1977-1980)

Newton Pereira Stamford (1980-1982)

Neydson Caldas Mattos Ferreira (1982-1984)

Mauro Carneiro dos Santos (1984-1986)

Newton Pereira Stamford (1986-1988)

Antônio Fernando Magalhães (1988-1990)

Mateus Rosas Ribeiro (1990-2001)

Fernando José Freire (2001-2004)

José Ramon Barros Cantalice (06 a 09/2004 - Pró-Têmpore)

Emídio Cantídio de Oliveira Filho (2004-2006)

Clístenes Williams Araújo do Nascimento (2006-2010)

Valdomiro Severino da Souza Júnior (2010-2016)

Clístenes Williams Araújo do Nascimento (2016-2018)

Edivan Rodrigues de Souza (2018-)